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Video Blog Post 8-8-2019

Hey Guys, this is Anthony. I’m just checking in with you guys and give you all a little bit of an update. I just met with some sellers and they’ve been getting a lot of phone calls from these cash buyers from like New York, all over the U.S. I’m a local Guy. So they … Continued

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LA Direct Testimonial 2 – Foreclosure

Sometimes life will just sneak up on you and you find yourself getting further and further behind on your mortgage, for example. Speaking from personal experience, day after day the phone kept ringing and it was people calling that I really didn’t want to talk to. I was behind on my mortgage, a lot. I … Continued

LA Direct Testimonial – Foreclosure

“After taking care of my wife and watching her lose her battle with cancer, I was drained. My finances were shot and I was behind on my mortgage. When the notice of my foreclosure came out, tons of letters filled my mailbox. The letters from Louisiana Direct Home Buyers looked professional, so I called. They … Continued

LA Direct Testimonial – Seller

“I was nervous and didn’t want to call. I had read so many stories about people getting involved with untrustworthy real estate investors. When my husband read through Louisiana Direct Home Buyers‘s material and I saw how professional and genuine they were, I got the nerve to reach out. I met with Becky who patiently … Continued

LA Direct Testimonial – Bankruptcy

“My ex-wife got the house in our divorce, but it was under my name. I had been sending her money for the mortgage, unaware that it was being spent on other things. Before I knew it, I was far behind on payments and couldn’t catch up. I was broke and moved into the house without … Continued

LA Direct Testimonial – Probate Property

“I saw Louisiana Direct Home Buyers‘ sign in my mom’s old neighborhood and thought I’d call. It was a relief to talk to someone who understands the process and has a heart. I was emotionally spent in the weeks and months after the funeral due to rounding up my family and going through her belongings. … Continued