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LA Direct Testimonial – Bankruptcy

Louisiana Direct Home Buyers Testimony Bankruptcy

“My ex-wife got the house in our divorce, but it was under my name. I had been sending her money for the mortgage, unaware that it was being spent on other things. Before I knew it, I was far behind on payments and couldn’t catch up. I was broke and moved into the house without a lifeline. As the real estate crowd caught wind of my situation, they swooped in like vultures. I looked into some of them and was appalled at what I found.

I spoke to my attorney and he told me about his friend who worked at Louisiana Direct Home Buyers. Becky was honest and told me what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear. It was great to talk to someone who was real, but understanding. She told me exactly how Louisiana Direct Home Buyers could help me, won my trust, and delivered on what she promised. With the help of Louisiana Direct Home Buyers and my attorney, I was able to get stabilized in my affairs and the weight of the bank was taken off my shoulders. I’ll always be grateful for what they did for me.”


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