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LA Direct Testimonial 2 – Foreclosure

Foreclosure Testimonial LADHB

Sometimes life will just sneak up on you and you find yourself getting further and further behind on your mortgage, for example. Speaking from personal experience, day after day the phone kept ringing and it was people calling that I really didn’t want to talk to. I was behind on my mortgage, a lot. I was facing foreclosure. So, in that situation, I called Richard and Becky, and they really helped me get through the whole process in a very simple manner, and they did it very fast. I closed on my house within a week. No longer did I have the stress of a potential foreclosure hovering around my life and pulling me down in so many different directions. So if you find yourself in a situation like I was in, where you’re behind on your mortgage, you’re potentially facing foreclosure, or even if you are in foreclosure, they can probably help you out with a simple and fast process that will add a lot of peace to your life.


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