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How To Sell a Rental Property with Tenants in Louisiana

Can You Sell an Occupied House with Tenants?

Selling a rental property in Louisiana with tenants can be complex but manageable. Proper planning and communication are crucial to ensure that both the landlord’s and tenants’ rights are protected. Below, we detail the steps to notify your tenants, prepare your property for sale, and close the deal. At Louisiana Direct Home Buyers, we want you to have all the information you can have to make the best possible decision for you. If that involves selling your property to us, we want to make that process as easy as it can be for you.

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How To Sell an Occupied House with Tenants

Selling a house with tenants can be challenging. You need careful communication, planning, and cooperation from the tenant to ensure that the rights of both the tenants and the landlord are protected. Of course rental property owners that have cultivated a good relationship with their tenants have an easier time of this.

1. Notify Your Tenants

How To Sell a Rental Property with Tenants in Louisiana-notify your tenants
Know your lease and notify your tenants accordingly.

The first step in selling a rental property with tenants is to notify them of your intention to sell. This involves providing a written notice to your tenants that includes the date you plan to list the property for sale and the date you plan to show the property to potential buyers. In most states, this notice must be delivered 24 hours in advance, but it’s good practice to give as much notice as possible to maintain a positive relationship with your tenants.

Transparency is key. Keeping your tenants informed of any changes or developments as they occur, such as new offers or a closing date, can help alleviate their concerns and make the process smoother. Regular communication helps build trust and ensures that tenants feel respected and valued during the transition.

2. Prepare Your Property for Sale

Once you have notified your tenants, it’s time to start preparing your property for sale. This preparation can include cleaning, making necessary repairs, and staging your property to present it in the best possible light to potential buyers. Even with tenants in place, it’s crucial to ensure the property is visually appealing and well-maintained.

If your tenants are still living in the property, it’s vital to respect their privacy and living space. Work with them to schedule times for cleaning, repairs, and staging that fit their schedules. Be mindful of any changes that might impact their daily routines, such as scheduling showings during their work hours or interrupting their personal time. Maintaining a respectful and considerate approach can help keep tenants cooperative and supportive throughout the selling process.

3. Work with Your Tenants

When selling a rental property with tenants, it’s essential to work with them throughout the process. Being flexible and accommodating can go a long way. For example, if your tenants are uncomfortable with strangers entering their homes, you may need to limit the number of showings or schedule them at times when tenants are not home.

Be prepared to answer any questions or concerns your tenants may have about the selling process. They might be worried about their security deposit, the terms of their lease, or their future housing arrangements. Address these concerns promptly and honestly to maintain a good relationship with your tenants. Offering incentives, such as rent reductions or bonuses for keeping the property clean during showings, can also encourage tenants to cooperate.

Sell Your Louisiana rental House direct to Louisiana Direct Home Buyers-different types of leases

Different Types of Leases

How To Sell a Rental Property with Tenants in Louisiana-different types of leases
Fixed Term and Month-to-Month Leases.

If you’re a landlord looking to sell your occupied rental property in Louisiana, the type of lease your tenants hold will determine your options.

Tenants with Fixed Term-Leases

A fixed-term lease is a rental agreement with a set duration, typically six months to a year. It provides stability for both the landlord and tenant, as the terms and rent are fixed for the lease period. At the end of the term, the lease can be renewed or terminated. If you have tenants on a fixed-term lease, you have several options:

1. Wait Until the Lease Ends

This is the simplest option as it avoids disrupting your tenants’ lives. You can prepare the property for sale once the lease ends, ensuring compliance with any lease provisions regarding the sale of the property.

2. List with Tenants in Place

Listing the property with tenants can be more challenging, as it requires cooperation to ensure the property is presentable and showings are scheduled conveniently. However, it can also be attractive to potential buyers interested in immediate rental income. Ensure you communicate clearly with your tenants and provide ample notice before listing the property and scheduling showings.

Keep in mind that if you do choose to sell the property with tenants in place, you may need to offer an incentive to your tenants to ensure their cooperation. For example, you could offer a rent reduction or a cash bonus for keeping the property clean and tidy during the selling process.

3. Sell Directly to a Cash Home Buyer

If you need to sell quickly, consider selling directly to a cash buyer. Cash home buyers are investors who can close deals swiftly and usually purchase properties as-is, which can be beneficial if you want to avoid the hassle of repairs or dealing with tenants during the sale process.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that you may not get the same price for your property when selling to a cash home buyer as you would if you listed it on the open market. Cash home buyers may pay less, but by purchasing the property as-is, you can save money on commissions, repairs, and holding costs. 

Tenants with Month to Month Leases

How To Sell a Rental Property with Tenants in Louisiana-tenants with month to month leases
Month-to-month leases are treated differently than fixed term leases.

A month-to-month lease automatically renews each month. If you have tenants on a month-to-month lease, you have a few options:

1. Renegotiate the Lease

Offer your tenants a new lease with a longer term to provide more stability during the sale process. This can give you more time to sell without disrupting tenants’ lives and offer tenants more security.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that your tenants may not be willing to sign a new lease agreement. They may prefer the flexibility of a month-to-month lease, and forcing them to sign a longer-term lease could cause tension in your landlord-tenant relationship.

2. Terminate the Lease

This option requires giving your tenants proper notice, typically 30 days, to vacate the property. While more challenging, it allows you to sell the property without the complication of existing tenants. Ensure you comply with state regulations regarding lease termination to avoid legal issues.

However, if you’re looking to sell the property quickly and don’t want to deal with the hassle of working with tenants, terminating the lease agreement may be your best option. Once the lease agreement is terminated, you can sell the property without worrying about disrupting your tenants’ lives or following the terms of a lease agreement.

Sell Your Louisiana rental House direct to Louisiana Direct Home Buyers-tenants don't want to leave

A Note from Becky

The Sale of Property Clause

I’m not a lawyer, and I’m glad for it! My son is an attorney and I could never do that. But I do love people and solving problems. This article was written assuming the lease can end when the property is sold. That’s not always the case.

As I understand it, if the sale of the property is to cause the lease to be terminated, this needs to be spelled out in the lease agreement. Some states do not allow this. I understand that Louisiana allows this. The long and short of it is to be clear in your communications with your tenant and know what’s in the lease agreement.

Whatever your situation is, we’re hear to listen to your story and tell you our honest opinion. You can fill out the form below, or simply call us at (504) 732-1988. I can promise we’ll be honest and upfront with you.

Stay strong, do the right thing, and love your family with all your heart!

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Disclaimer: This article is just general information. We are not attorneys. You should always consult an attorney or financial advisor knowledgeable about this area of the law about your particular situation.

What do You do if Your Tenants Don’t Want to Leave?

How To Sell a Rental Property with Tenants in Louisiana-tenants dont want to leave
I need to sell but the tenants don’t want to leave!

As a landlord, you may encounter situations where tenants are unwilling to leave when you want to sell the property. Here are some strategies to consider:

1. Sell to the Tenant

Offering your property to tenants can be beneficial for both parties. Tenants might prefer buying the home they already live in, avoiding moving hassles and potentially paying a higher price due to their familiarity with the property. Consulting a real estate attorney is essential to ensure all legalities and necessary paperwork are properly handled. Also, have the property appraised to determine its value and negotiate a fair price with the tenant.

If traditional financing is an issue, consider owner financing, where you provide the loan instead of a bank. However, not all tenants may be interested or able to purchase the property, so be prepared to explore other selling options if needed.

2. Sell to an Investor

Investors often look for rental properties with established tenants, as this can make the transition smoother and maintain rental income. Working with a real estate agent can help you find qualified investors and negotiate a fair price. Have the property appraised to determine its value accurately.

However, some investors may not want to keep your tenants. They might prefer to renovate the property or lease it to new tenants. In such cases, you must notify your tenants that their lease will not be renewed and assist them in finding new housing. Proper communication is essential to facilitate a smooth sale for all parties involved.

3. Paying Your Tenant to Leave

If other options are not feasible, consider offering your tenants a financial incentive to vacate. This might be necessary for a quick sale. Negotiate a fair amount and have them sign a release of liability agreement to protect yourself legally.

If your tenant doesn’t want to purchase the property and you can’t find an investor willing to keep the tenants, paying them to leave might be necessary. Consult with a real estate attorney to ensure the transaction is legal and complete all necessary paperwork. Although expensive, this approach may be the best solution if other options fail.

Sell Your Louisiana rental House direct to Louisiana Direct Home Buyers-tenants causing trouble

What to Do If Your Tenants Are Causing Trouble

How To Sell a Rental Property with Tenants in Louisiana-when tenant doesn't want to leave
The trouble with problem tenants…

Managing difficult tenants can be one of the most challenging aspects of selling a rental property. If you inform tenants about your intention to sell, they might become problematic. In such cases, professional assistance can be invaluable. You might want to employ one of the following:

  1. Real Estate Agent: When selling a rental property with troublesome tenants, working with a real estate agent can be beneficial. An experienced agent can handle difficult tenant situations professionally, ensuring minimal disruption to the sale process. They can negotiate with tenants, arrange showings at convenient times, and navigate legal complexities. Their expertise can help you achieve a smoother transaction and potentially attract investors who are accustomed to managing challenging tenant scenarios. They can also help manage tenant relations and ensure the property remains presentable for showings.
  2. Property Manager: When dealing with problem tenants, hiring a property manager can be a strategic move. Property managers handle tenant issues professionally, ensuring lease compliance and addressing conflicts efficiently. They can mediate disputes, coordinate maintenance, and manage showings, reducing your stress. Their expertise helps maintain property value and tenant relations, making the sale process smoother and more attractive to potential buyers or investors.
  3. Real Estate Lawyer: Consulting with a real estate lawyer is crucial when dealing with tenants causing trouble. A lawyer can provide legal guidance on tenant disputes, ensure compliance with state and local laws, and draft necessary documents. They can also help navigate eviction processes if needed, protecting your rights as a landlord. Their expertise can facilitate a smoother sale and prevent legal issues, making the transaction more attractive to potential buyers or investors.
  4. Sell to Investors: Selling a rental property with problematic tenants to an investor like Louisiana Direct Home Buyers can streamline the process. Investors often look for properties with existing rental income and are experienced in managing difficult tenants. This option can save you the hassle of dealing with tenant issues directly and potentially expedite the sale. By marketing the property as an investment opportunity, you attract buyers who are prepared to handle the complexities, ensuring a smoother transaction. This option can expedite the sale and reduce stress.
How To Sell a Rental Property with Tenants in Louisiana-sell to an investor
Sell your rental property with tenants direct to Louisiana Direct Home Buyers.

By following these steps, you can navigate the complexities of selling a rental property with tenants in Louisiana. Maintaining clear communication, respecting tenant rights, and seeking professional help when needed can ensure a successful and smooth transaction for all parties involved.

Hopefully you have cultivated a good relationship with your tenants over the term of their stay. But if you haven’t, fill out the form below or give us a call at (504) 732-1988. We’re here to help as best we can.

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Selling an occupied rental property can be complex but manageable. Decide whether to list the property immediately or wait until the lease ends. Consistent communication with your tenants throughout the process is crucial to keep them informed and address any concerns. Respect their privacy and living space during showings and preparations. By following these steps, you can ensure a smooth sale while protecting both landlord and tenant rights. For assistance in selling your rental property, contact Louisiana Direct Home Buyers at (504) 732-1988.

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Disclaimer: This article is just general information. We are not attorneys. You should always consult an attorney or financial advisor knowledgeable about this area of the law about your particular situation.

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