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sell my inherited house in louisiana
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Sell My Inherited House in Louisiana

sell my inherited house in louisiana
To sell your inherited house in Louisiana you will need to know some key things.

Dealing with the inheritance of a property after the loss of a loved one can be a complex and emotional process. It may feel overwhelming during an already challenging time. While inheriting a house can come with both blessings and burdens, if the responsibility is too much to handle, selling it may be the best option. The decision to sell after a good study is one that your loved one would likely support, considering the difficulties you are facing.

Whether you’re navigating the intricacies of inheriting a home with a mortgage or seeking clarity on tax implications and other associated costs, we want you to have resources to help you make an informed decision as you take possession of your newly inherited property in Louisiana.

Prepare to Sell an Inherited House Louisiana

Prepare to Sell an Inherited House Louisiana
Call us today about your inherited property.

When looking to sell your property in Louisiana, it’s crucial to take various factors into account such as market value, outstanding mortgage, existing debts, home transfer status, and tax implications, including capital gains taxes. Once these aspects are clear, the next step is to decide on the method of selling. You can opt for a real estate agent, a real estate investor, selling on your own as a for sale by owner (FSBO), or engaging an iBuyer for a quick sale.

Exploring the complexities of selling your inherited home is just the beginning. The process can be intricate, requiring a deep understanding to navigate successfully. At Louisiana Direct Home Buyers, we specialize in simplifying this journey for you. If you’re looking to sell your Louisiana inherited property swiftly, bookmark this page and reach out to us at (504) 732-1988 for informed assistance.

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Did the Owner Leave Behind a House without a Will?

When inheriting property in Louisiana, the key factor is whether a will exists. If there is a will, its terms generally govern inheritance distribution. The will must meet specific conditions, such as having two witnesses, to be valid. If the estate’s value exceeds $125,000, court involvement may be necessary to ensure proper distribution according to the will.

If there is no will, inheritance is divided based on each child’s relationship to the deceased. This typically requires court intervention to determine family relationships, sometimes making the probate process both expensive and time-consuming.

Determining the Value of the Inherited Property

Knowing what to expect is key. Call us today.

Some assets are more easily valued than others. For example, the valuation of a bank account is its balance, while stocks are assessed by their trading value on public exchanges. Then assets like real estate, motor vehicles, and jewelry present a greater challenge. Estate administrators are required to act in good faith to determine the proper value of all real estate and personal property in the estate. Frequently, they enlist the expertise of professionals, such as real estate appraisers, reputable car dealers, or certified jewelry appraisers. But in real estate, we find the values are often off the mark.

In seeking out a buyer for your inherited property, you will get plenty of lowball offers. We at Louisiana Direct Home Buyers recommend you check out who you’re dealing with and make sure they understand where you’re coming from and, above all, have core values which line up with yours. You don’t know the true value of a property until it sells, and you don’t know the true integrity of a buyer until the process hits a snag, and they work you through it with transparency.

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What are the Methods of Property Transfer for an Inherited House in Louisiana?

What are the Methods of Property Transfer for an Inherited House in Louisiana
Know the basic three methods to transfer property upon death of the owner.

Transferring property after the death of an owner can be approached through various methods, each with its own implications and benefits. Here we discuss three very common methods. Note what we say about the second method.

1. Living Trust

A living trust in Louisiana is a legal document that places your assets into a trust during your lifetime, allowing for easier management and distribution after your death. Unlike a will, a living trust can help avoid probate, which can be time-consuming and costly. It can also provide privacy, as trust details are not made public. The trust is managed by a trustee, who can be you during your lifetime and a successor trustee after your death, ensuring your assets are distributed according to your wishes.

2. Transfer on Death Deed (Not in Louisiana! –Info here)

Many websites will say in Louisiana that you can transfer title using a “Transfer on Death Deed” (TODD) which is an ideal way to transfer property at the time of death. However, Louisiana law does not allow the transfer of real estate with this type of deed.

3. Probate

Probate can be a tricky way to inherit property. Of course, heirs only receive a portion of the property because outstanding debts and taxes must be paid first. This can be a frustratingly lengthy process.

Several steps must be taken, with costly attorney fees involved: 1) Filing a Petition with the court to open probate; 2) The court verifies the validity of the will, if it exists; 3) The executor lists and appraises the deceased’s assets; 4) Outstanding debts and taxes are paid from the estate; 5) The remaining assets are distributed to the heirs according to the will (or state law if there’s no will); and 6) The court formally closes the estate once everything is settled.

What If My Loved One Hasn’t Passed Yet?

preparing ahed of time for your inherited property in louisiana
It’s good to plan what to with inherited property before death is at the doorstep.

As mentioned above, Louisiana does not allow one popular method of transferring a deed using the Transfer on Death Deed (TODD). A Living Trust is certainly an option. Some families are very stable, and ancestors decide to transfer property to their children while they are alive. There are some tax-related reasons to consider doing this. In many families, property is handed down early in life because the values handed down are strong and the social fabric is impenetrable.

If your family resembles this strength and the owner of the property is cogent and there’s broad agreement among the family, simply selling or transferring the property while the owner is alive may be the best solution. In any case, we suggest you speak to an attorney and/or financial professional regarding this major decision.

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A Note from Becky

Our Parents’ Final Days and My Experience

My husband and I had the wonderful privilege of growing up in loving families and strong values. We each had many cousins and aunts and uncles that carried forward their families’ culture and heritage. I was so grateful that my parents chose to sell their house and move in with us, giving us the wonderful privilege of three generations under one roof as we raised our kids.

When each of them passed, Mom before Dad, there was little to deal with since nearly everything Dad owned was liquid at that point or had been handed down as he saw fit. Later, Richard’s mom lived with us three years before her death. I was able to manage her affairs as the debilitating disease that ravaged her body (but not her mind) progressed. After she moved in with us and it was obvious she would never be independent in her own home again, she chose to sell and she had a hand in all her assets until her final days.

Everything I describe above was done with full consensus of the siblings with advice from our extended family. If you’re looking at a situation and want to talk to someone with some experience with property disposal at end of life, reach out to me via our contact form. In the meantime, stay strong, do the right thing, and love your family with all your heart!

How To Sell An Inherited Property in New Orleans

So you’ve inherited a property and you’re not sure what happens next. In most states, the inherited property must go through a probate process so the courts can determine who is the legal owner. Probate is a legal process in which the Court legally transfers ownership of the estate’s assets to one or more beneficiaries and/or Heirs. Depending on the state of the will (if there was one), this process can be very fast or very slow.

Determine the Executor

how to sell an inherited property in louisiana
No matter how you want to sell your inherited property, we’ll shoot straight with you. Give us a call!

The executor of a will is an individual appointed to carry out the deceased person’s wishes as outlined in their will. This role comes with significant responsibilities, including managing the deceased’s estate, distributing assets to beneficiaries, paying off debts and taxes, and handling any legal proceedings related to the will. The law requires the executor to act in the best interests of the deceased and their beneficiaries. He/she must follow the instructions laid out in the will while also complying with Louisiana law and regulations. Being an executor requires organization, attention to detail, financial acumen, and often legal knowledge to navigate the complexities of estate administration smoothly and efficiently. Many executors are reluctant and this can affect the overall process.

Working with Lawyers and Real Estate Agents

Navigating the probate process is no easy task, which is the reason you will need a skilled attorney to guide you through the challenges of selling your inherited home. Once the probate court grants approval for the property sale, partnering with a real estate agent well-versed in handling inherited properties is crucial. A knowledgeable agent familiar with probate can assist in identifying suitable buyers and maximizing the property’s value. Their expertise can prioritize necessary repairs and upgrades and steer you away from unnecessary expenses. Following their advice can be pivotal in getting a swift, profitable sale and preventing the property from lingering on the market while for an amount below its true worth.

Resolve Any Debts

Just the term “inheritance” can make you think of a mysterious great-aunt leaving you a million-dollar mansion in the woods. Many people learn they inherited a house and anticipate a windfall, only to discover that getting anything close to what they want will require some effort on their part.

The reality is many things can get in the way of an easy sale. The property might have years of back taxes, liens against the title, or a mortgage against it leaving you little possibility of a profit after a sale? Sadly, in the aftermath of dealing with a loved one’s passing, you might have to deal with their outstanding debt, whether that’s with taxes, mortgage against the property, or an outstanding credit card balance. Assets you inherit must go toward paying off that debt ahead of you seeing your first dime from the estate. A house may seem like a huge asset, but it can also be a bothersome money pit. An estate advisor experienced can help you research your options dealing with the estate.

  • Clean & Restore the Home

After the ownership has been determined and the property is officially yours, you have a few choices to make. You (or someone in your family) may reside in it, you could rent it out, or sell it. Many times when a family member passes, the property they leave behind is a mess. Whether the house requires extensive cleaning and repairs after many years of neglect or if no upgrades have been made, sometimes a complete renovation is needed to get the true market potential. This aspect is often overlooked by someone inheriting a property in Louisiana. Whatever the case, a call to Louisiana Direct Home Buyers will begin a conversation which may lead to you getting relief after an unpleasant series of events. Call us today or fill out the form below.

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Do all heirs have to agree to sell the property?

Do all heirs have to agree to sell the property in Louisiana
Do all heirs have to agree to sell the property?

In cases where ownership of an inherited house or property is confirmed through a will or by the probate court, the heirs are not required to unanimously consent to the sale. However, in scenarios where ownership remains unresolved, as in estates without a will or with a court-appointed administrator, all heirs must reach a consensus for the sale to proceed. This condition also applies to properties auctioned by the court to settle estate debts. Should a buyer acquire a house at auction, but encounters dissent from one or more heirs regarding the sale, the purchase is typically suspended until a resolution is negotiated and an agreement is reached.

How to Settle a Disagreement

Resolving any disputes among heirs within an estate offers can provide emotional challenges for siblings and heirs. The initial focus should be determining the appointed executor. Designating an executor ensures a central figure oversees the execution of the deceased’s wishes outlined in the will. This helps minimize potential disagreements regarding asset distribution. In cases where no executor exists, and disputes arise, hiring a mediator is a valid course of action. Engaging a neutral mediator to facilitate consensus proves a more cost-effective method than resorting to legal proceedings in probate court. Ideally, a collaborative approach to ironing out differences will bring all parties into agreement, or at least allow things to move forward in a compromise.

Best Practices

What if the focal point of contention revolves around the executor or trustee themselves? Conflict often arises when a family member is designated as the executor or trustee of a will, sparking discord (and old rivalries) among family members. In such instances, one potential resolution involves the individual declining the appointment and opting for an impartial fiduciary, like an estate-planning attorney, to oversee the will’s administration. By stepping aside while a neutral figure assumes the role, not only can conflicts be averted, but it also allows everyone the necessary time and space to address challenging emotions before any lasting harm befalls the family dynamic.

Becky’s Promise

Louisiana Direct Home Buyers is a cash home-buying company that does it right.

sell my home direct New Orleans LA
best home buyer in Louisiana

Over the years, I have learned that keeping your word is the most important thing you can do when doing business with people. I have raised a large family and watched my kids achieve things greater than me.

As the controller and CFO, I helped my husband grow an engineering firm from 1 person to 65. I have also been investing in real estate for ten years.

Throughout my life, I have confirmed what my dad always told me: “Your life is as good as your word; keep your word!” I promise to treat you fairly, respect your time, and value it.

Working with me is completely free of obligation. I’ll give you a 100% FREE cash offer for your house, and you’ll be under no obligation to accept it. We are straight shooters.

Feel free to call today. It’s an emotional decision to sell your house to us. I’ll make it as easy as I can for you. 🙂

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How is inherited property taxed when sold in Louisiana?

Knowing what taxes to expect on an inherited house helps you plan.

State and local governments in the United States collected over $5.3 billion in revenue from estate and inheritance taxes in 2020. That’s a lot of taxes! But with laws and regulations different from state-to-state, you’ll want to do your research and contact a lawyer with knowledge and experience of taxes and estate planning as you deal with a surprise inheritance or you’re writing your own will. 

Reporting the Sale to the IRS

When you sell an inherited property, you must report the sale to the IRS on your tax return. The details of the sale are reported to determine capital gains and losses. Additionally, another form documents detailed information about the sale, including the property’s cost basis and sale price. The cost basis of inherited property is typically its fair market value at the date of the owner’s death.

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Louisiana State Tax Law

Louisiana is one of the 38 states in the U.S. that does not have an estate tax. (Twelve states have an estate tax and five have an inheritance tax One state has both an inheritance and an estate tax.) But inherited property could potentially be subject to federal estate taxes if the estate value surpass the federal exemption threshold. Additionally, if the inherited property generates income for the owner or it is sold, it could trigger a capital gains tax liability. To gain insight into the particular tax ramifications for your circumstances, it is advisable to seek guidance from a tax professional who can provide tailored advice based on your individual situation.

  1. Capital Gains Tax on Inherited Property

What is the capital gains tax and which states require it? The capital gains tax is paid on the appreciation of any assets that an heir inherits through an estate but it is only levied once the asset is sold for a profit, not when you inherit. This tax is then paid on the difference between the sale price and the purchase price of the property. Consult with a tax lawyer knowledgeable of the laws in Louisiana before proceeding with the sale of your property.

  1. Estate Taxes

Fortunately, as mentioned above, Louisiana collects no state estate or inheritance tax. But federal taxes and capital gains taxes may apply. An federal estate tax is a tax paid directly out of the estate to the state before anyone is able to inherit it. Worried that you might get a huge hit taken from the estate? Don’t worry! In 2024 the first $13, 610,000 is exempt from taxes, up from $12,920,000 in 2023. The remainder is passed on to the heirs estate tax-free.

  1. Inheritance Taxes

Fortunately, you’re in Louisiana and not in one of those six states – Maryland, Nebraska, Kentucky, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Iowa – that have an inheritance tax.

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